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Re: More on icons for packages

On Wed, 26 Jan 2005, Dale C. Scheetz wrote:

Thus it might be even better to define a policy the following way:

   1. Put all XPMs for the use in Debian-Menu into
   2. Put all PNGs (and others) into /usr/share/pixmaps if they are
      intended for applications which follow freedesktop.org specification

I don't really see a need for the split. All menu icons should be xpm so any other icons are for some other purpose.
Well there could be one reason: If you browse this directory in the worst case you
see each icon twice (XPM and PNG) which might be really confusing for users.

   3. Put a symlink
         ln -s /usr/share/menu/pixmaps/<app>.xpm /usr/share/pixmaps
      if there is no PNG or whatever icon for this application to support
      both Debian-Menu and freedesktop.org

These kinds of solutions lead to extra detail in package management and, of course see above ;-)
Sure.  If my argument above should be void then forget this item.  If my
idea (I'm really unsure whether it is good or not) is a real argument try
adding this functionality to dh_menu.

   4. File bug report or even create automagically via mogrify icons in
      /usr/share/menu/pixmaps/ if there are icons in /usr/share/pixmaps
      but the maintainer did not provide a XPM following the menu policy

What package would be responsible for this mogrification?
Damn, once there was the exact command line how to call this binary from
imagemagick package in /usr/share/doc/menu but I can not find it any more ...

Simplify, simplify, simplify ;-)
Sure.  I was just thinking about kind of arguments which might destroy
over simplification.  I would definitely go with you if you mean we need
a more simple setup.

Kind regards



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