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More on icons for packages

Well, I finally found some documentation on icons in menu
specifications. What it says is pretty specific and goes against what I
found when I looked at actual packages.

1. the documentation says all icons go into /usr/share/pixmaps and

2. all menu icons should be 32x32 pixels and be in xpm format.

But, when I looked at several packages, many put their icons in
/usr/share/package-name/icons/ and very few actually use 32x32 for their
size even when they are placed in /usr/share/pixmaps/.

This document is only indirectly referenced in the policy manual, so it
isn't clear how much force it has. (it could be taken as the mearest
suggestion by the menu package maintainer)

/usr/share/pixmaps has lots of png files and many images are larger than

Are these issues that should be resolved with bug reports?

With regards to GNOME panel icons. The "add to panel" option now no
longer offers "launcher from menu" so now with the "custom launcer" you
have to hunt for your icon. The default place to look is
/usr/share/pixmaps, so it would be user helpful to have all icons in
that location instead of requiring a hunt through all the other
possibilities when you don't find the icon you are looking for.

Personally I like larger than 32x32 icons for the panel because icons
are scaled to fit the panel so fairly large ones give much cleaner
detail when scaled to fit.

In any case I would like to see this floating document become an actual
part of the policy manual. It contains the implimentation details that
someone with questions really needs to see up front, not tucked away in
a specific package document outside the Policy Manual.

Any ideas?

Waiting is,


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