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Debian Developers photo gallery (was: Re: apply to NM? ha!)

Moving to -project, follow up there.

Em Ter, 2005-01-25 às 09:30 +0000, Steve Kemp escreveu:
>   That'd be too much, but I'd love to see a photo field in the
>  db.debian.org database, or some other gallery of developers.

That's been proposed before -- even adding it to the /devel/people page
has been considered.

>   It's been interesting seeing what a lot of people look like in the
>  little headshots on planet.debian.org, and more would only be a good
>  thing.

Yeah, I'm totally supportive of the idea, too. Maybe we could work on
this outside the DD's LDAP and then integrate it if the idea is
well-accepted later on.


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