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Re: apply to NM? ha!

SR, ESC dijo [Mon, Jan 24, 2005 at 07:59:59PM -0500]:
> while i don't appeciate gunnar's comments - seems to me he's just
> trying to lessening the issue i brought up.  and i do have a thick
> skin, i just don't see the need to have one if people are going to
> work together in a cooperative fashion. attacking people isn't the way
> to do things, we have enough of it going on in the world, we don't
> need to bring any more of it in here.

Yes, I am trying to lessen it, not because I love flamewars, but
because that's part of what we are - Certainly, it could be better if
we didn't flame each other, but that is the kind of interaction that
has come out of this community (as well as many others in the online
world), and while words are certainly often harsh, it does not usually
mean one flame's side thinks the other side is incompetent - just the
opposite. What I _did_ criticize is that the NM process is meant to
officialize the status of a person _already_ involved in Debian - And,
if you are involved in Debian, you should know how we treat each
other. For the precise example you are involved in: I hold Vorlon as
one of the most respectful-easy going members of Debian, let alone one
of the most technically competent. Yes, he might have said you are an
asshole. I might have said the same to him. Many people have said
exactly that to me. So what? If you were _that_ angry about that, you
just proved you are currently not enough involved in Debian. You
should get more into Debian -the social phenomenon- before committing
yourself to it.

> to answer some of the people attacking my character - as it seems to
> me they're doing - i work well with people, you have a problem with
> it? tough. judging a person based on a reaction and having had
> enough of crap from people is no way to judge someone. i barely post
> here, how dare you exclude me based on a raving rant like i did? i see
> many people rant, if you were to exclude people based on that, you 
> would've excluded them already. reading some of the replies it just
> gets me pissed off all over again, and wanting to rant. get a clue.

If this is the only reaction we know from you, sorry, we will
extrapolate. Were you a regular member of this forum, were you more
involved in Debian activities, you would be better known, and you
would know people better. People have criticised exactly the same
aggressive behavior without being seen as soft or weak - But once we
got to know them!

I am by far not among the most active DDs, although I try not to drown
into the back side of it. However, I do try to follow what is going
on, and try to participate every time I have the ability and the time
to do so. Debian is a technical proyect, yes, but it is highly social
as well... If you are really interested in joining the project, you
cannot miss the social part. And I really would advise you not to try
to miss it - Might seem too harsh, but it is hell of fun! :)


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