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Re: Release update: kde3.3, upload targets, kernels, infrastructure

Scripsit "SR, ESC" <simon@nuit.ca>
>> Scripsit Geoff Bagley <geoff.bagley@btinternet.com>

>> > Is it possible to transfer some of the packages, a few at a time,
>> > over into Woody, so that when we all change to Sarge, the servers
>> > will not suffer from too heavy an overload ?

> also the plain simple reason that woody's and sarge's libc6 are
> incompatible. we even coined a term for people installing sarge/sid
> s/w onto woody machines stupidly, unknowingly, or otherwise:

Huh? I run one machine that is mostly woody but with sarge's libc6 and
a few selected other sarge packages. This seems to work impeccably in
general (I do know where to point my anger at when it doesn't, but in
those casses libc has never been involved).  If sarge's libc6 were
*not* backwards compatible, it would have been called libc7.

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                          occasionally unplug their fiber connector and look
                      directly into it to watch the bits go by at 100 Mbps."

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