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Re: Release update: kde3.3, upload targets, kernels, infrastructure

Scripsit Geoff Bagley <geoff.bagley@btinternet.com>

> Is it possible to transfer some of the packages, a few at a time,
> over into Woody, so that when we all change to Sarge, the servers
> will not suffer from too heavy an overload ?

That would be a recipe for disaster. In no particular order:

* It would make it impossible to keep runing woody. Believe it or not,
  some sysadmins who run stable because they want stability will not
  have the time to drop everything and start babysitting their local
  scripts and configuration for upgrade pains at the random moment
  that the release team declares sarge to be stable. For the same
  reason, security support for woody is expected to last for at least
  several months after the release.

* When sarge becomes stable, its packages will have proved themselves
  to be (relatively) bug-free and well-integrated *as an ensemble*.
  There has been no widespread testing of systems with particular
  combinations of packages from woody and ones from sarge. It is
  likely that if the release team just picks a series of random
  untested package combinations, something *will* break
  catastrophically. Not anything we want to happen to stable systems.

Yes, some people will start upgrading immediately after sarge
releases, but I think most of the people who have a clue (the really
clueless ones just run sarge already because Old Software Is Bad <tm>)
will either defer upgrading until they have the time to do so at their
own leisure, or decide to migrate early at some time after security
support for sarge is announced.

The few who think that the precise release date signifies an instant
shift in the relative attractiveness of running woody vs. sarge will
just have to put up with loaded mirrors for a couple of days.

Henning Makholm                                    "*Vi vil ha wienerbrød!*"

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