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Re: ${lib}-dev, .pc and pkg-config

On Sun, Jan 23, 2005 at 05:49:22AM +0900, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> I've checked the libpkg guide, and I found a chapter called 
> 'Annotated list of files that usually reside in -dev package'
> which contains reference to pkgconfig.
Hell, right. I was looking for string "pkg-config" and I didn't find it.
Could you correct it, please?

> What is it that you would request in addition?
What would you say about note like this one (base on Rene's email).

Should I add *.pc files in -dev package?

If upstream provides such files the answer is: yes, you should.
Otherwise, if there's no -I and -L needed, it isn't necessary, but when
either of them is needed, you are recommended to create one, unless there is
an old-style foo-config.

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