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Re: NPTL support in 2.4 kernel series?

On Sat, Jan 22, 2005 at 11:31:54AM +0000, Martin Kittel wrote:
> > > I still don't like this as the only solution, because by default it
> > > will break the running setup of people still using 2.4
> > > kernels. They'll get the update installed and the package is
> > > broken.
> > 
> > No. They'll see the debconf question, select "abort installation", the
> > package will not be upgraded, the package will not be broken.
> > 
> They still had to download a useless package and do an interactive update. And
> if I am not mistaken, their running databases will have been stopped during the
> prerm-phase. So all in all, I would not consider this a pleasant experience.

Surely even with a dependency on kernel-image-2.6, this will only cause the
new kernel to be installed and will not magically replace the running 2.4
kernel (or uninstall it).  So the databases will still be stopped until
there is a reboot, and you will need to use debconf to tell the user to
reboot (and to make sure to boot with the new kernel, which may not be the
default - I at least would strongly object to my /boot/vmlinuz{,.old} links
being altered when I didn't expect it).

Martin Orr
Linux Administrator,
Methodist College Belfast

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