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Re: binaries for different architectures in debian packages

Dear all!

On Mit, 12 Jan 2005, Nick Phillips wrote:
> > > 		.../bin/<arch>-<os>/
> > No, this is a violation of the FHS, which is included by reference in Debian
> > policy.  You would, at a minimum, have to use /usr/lib instead of
> > /usr/share.
> But wasn't what he's trying to do the original purpose of /usr/share
> anyway? (I don't mean in a Debian context, I mean in a general *nix
> context)

Yup. That was my intention. And, btw the clients are NOT ONLY debian
systems, but windows, apple, ...

> It's been so long since I've seen anyone bother to do things that way
> that I can't remember exactly...

We have diskless clients here, and probably we are not the only ones.
Our diskless clients run debian, so we could install tetex packages. But
we share the TeXlive tree (which is BIG) via NFS and use it on the
server, all the diskless clients, and additionally on a windows machine.

> > Even in that case, I don't think it's very consistent with Debian design
> > philosophy to have a monolithic package including binaries for other
> > architectures, which seems to be your intent.  It certainly wouldn't be
> > eligible for inclusion in Debian main in such a form.
> That would be more the point, I think.

In fact we would have packages for every architecture
which is available for ALL architectures and install into
and a package 
with debian-way of architecture, which depends on the right package for
each arch (ie tl-dvips-bin for i386 depends on tl-dvips-bin-i386-linux
eg) and just provides the right links.

This way a user installs tl-dvips-bin, which pulls the right binaries.
And those admins who need other binaries for sharing could get the
packages for other architectures.

> the packages to all the different machines. With modern disks and
> package management systems, the usefulness is usually rather diminished.

NO no no no. Noise Noise Noise is the word. None of our staff will ever
again accept a computer with a hard disk, a CPU fan and a graphics card
fan. They want absolut (well more or less) silence, and we don't have
the money for this glissy shiny stuff that makes more or less silence
with normal pc.

Bottom line: I still think that it would be a good idea to be able to
install different architectures within debian.

Has this never been discussed before???

Best wishes


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