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kfreebsd5-source (was: ITP: kfreebsd -- kernel of FreeBSD)


In order to ease my maintainance tasks, I'm going to split the kfreebsd5
package into two source packages, as follows:

     Provides packages "kfreebsd5-source" and "kfreebsd5-headers"
     Build-Depends on "kfreebsd5-source"
     Provides package "kfreebsd5"

The "kfreebsd5-source" package will then be a binary-indep containing only
source code (and installable on linux-gnu).

With the preemptive idea that the kfreebsd-gnu port will (when it's ready) be
added to sid, I'd like to upload this package to the archive.  Then developers
working on the kfreebsd-gnu port would benefit from sources fetchable from
official servers and a nice BTS entry for the kernel.

There's precedent on adding packages to support unofficial ports (e.g.
amd64-libs) so I don't think this should be a problem.  Please let me know if
you think it is and we'll try to find a solution.


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