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Re: apt-get should be able to install packages "directly"

On Friday 07 January 2005 00:54, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> #include <hallo.h>
> * William Ballard [Thu, Jan 06 2005, 05:44:18PM]:
> > > Like rm, dpkg is a tool for system administrators. It will not protect
> > > you from potentially harmful actions because it assumes that you know
> > > what you do.
> >
> > I already knew that.  That's why I said you have to use it in this
> > special way.
> That's the normal way. This way allows me to install dozens of
> module-source packages and build module packages from them for Debian
> kernels, without having to install a half GiB of additional software
> that I really do not need.
> What we really need is the apt-get extension mentioned here a while ago
> that would allow you to run apt-get on local packages (without
> generating a local repository as described by Michel here).

I think connectiva's apt-rpm has implemented that functionality. Not sure of 
how hard it is to port it to the debian's apt. The other way around could be 
on installing package-src user to be asked where a local apt repo should be 
prepared and for approval of adding the relevant lines to the sources.list 
file, although these instaructions could be shown by debconf. I think it is a 
good idea to have a policy mandating where the local apt repo should be 
maintained or respected by such packages, which repo could be easily used by 
things like apt-build and friends. Also having various siffixes in package 
names like -source or - src doesn't look consistent (ndiswrapper-source, 
qmail-src, nvidia-glx-source, nvidia-kernel-source), there must a be 
convention of using -src or - source only.

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