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Re: Do you want XFree86 working out of the box?

|--==> Petter Reinholdtsen writes:

  PR> [Rob Bradford]
  >>What's the advantage of this over the current situation with the
  >>xserver packages using discover, mdetect and read-edid to guess the
  >>hardware setup and fill in the relevent debconf entries?

  PR> It fetches information from several sources, including those mentioned
  PR> above, and uses it to tell the xserver packages tool (dexconf) how to
  PR> configure X.  The mouse detection code in hwinfo is better than
  PR> mdetect, and ddcprobe (when available) is better than read-edid.

  >>Are there plans to integrate this with the existing xserver
  >>package's debconf setup (with the priority of the questions raised).

  PR> There are no plans, only intentions and wishes.  No-one volunteered to
  PR> do the work yet. :/

  >>Such an inclusion would be superior for our users compared to having
  >>to remember to install yet another package.

  PR> I agree.  And until that happen, xdebconfigurator fill my need to
  PR> autoconfigure X.  It can even be configured to generate a new
  PR> XF86Config-4 on every boot.  It is useful for handling video card
  PR> changes, and for use on live CDs. :)

  >>I think your work on this is going to be especially useful for the
  >>unattended installs Joey Hess has been working on with preseed.

  PR> Joey is well aware of this package.  It is a spin-off package from the
  PR> debian-edu project. :)

  PR> I was recently told that xdebconfigurator is used by the DeMuDi
  PR> project, and this pleases me a lot. :)

Yes  I do use   the package for DeMuDi. I've   publish a RC1 ISO image
which uses  xdebconfigurator 1.14 and I'm getting  reports on it. I'll
take care  of  filing relevant bugs  in  case of problem,  acting as a
gateway between users/testers and BTS/DDs.



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