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Re: Do you want XFree86 working out of the box?

[Rob Bradford]
> What's the advantage of this over the current situation with the
> xserver packages using discover, mdetect and read-edid to guess the
> hardware setup and fill in the relevent debconf entries?

It fetches information from several sources, including those mentioned
above, and uses it to tell the xserver packages tool (dexconf) how to
configure X.  The mouse detection code in hwinfo is better than
mdetect, and ddcprobe (when available) is better than read-edid.

> Are there plans to integrate this with the existing xserver
> package's debconf setup (with the priority of the questions raised).

There are no plans, only intentions and wishes.  No-one volunteered to
do the work yet. :/

> Such an inclusion would be superior for our users compared to having
> to remember to install yet another package.

I agree.  And until that happen, xdebconfigurator fill my need to
autoconfigure X.  It can even be configured to generate a new
XF86Config-4 on every boot.  It is useful for handling video card
changes, and for use on live CDs. :)

> I think your work on this is going to be especially useful for the
> unattended installs Joey Hess has been working on with preseed.

Joey is well aware of this package.  It is a spin-off package from the
debian-edu project. :)

I was recently told that xdebconfigurator is used by the DeMuDi
project, and this pleases me a lot. :)

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