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Re: patch to update-rc.d

On 12:13 Mon 20 Dec     , John Hasler <jhasler@debian.org> wrote:

> Rajesh writes:
> > That was my initial reaction too, I only wanted a simple option within
> > update-rc.d to list current configuration quickly.
> Try 'sysvconfig --listlinks'.
> -- 
> John Hasler

Interesting, I will take a look at it. It doesn't do
something like 'sysvconfig --listlinks apache2' though. Also
it seems to ignore multiple links and rcS.d (man page says its
deliberate, why?).

# From list-rc.d -l anacron
anacron     -    -    -   (K11,S89) (K11,S89) (K11,S89) (K11,S89)  -

# From sysvconfig --listlinks | grep anacron
anacron              -   -  S89 S89 S89 S89  -

Also list-rc.d or the patch to update-rc.d will show boot order in
a given runlevel properly sorted.

Thanks for pointing it out, I will be looking at sysvconfig,
sysv-rc-conf and the sysvrc file mentioned by Miquels. I will still like
to keep the changing of links to update-rc.d.


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