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Re: Filing bugs with upstream

Kenneth Pronovici <pronovic@debian.org> writes:

> I agree that this is a good practice.  Unfortunately, you can't
> necessarily count on the Debian maintainer (even a good maintainer) to
> deal with the bug on your behalf.  I always handle upstream bugs on
> behalf of my customers for my packages, but as a project we seem to have
> some internal disagreements on this subject and no solid policy besides.  

If a maintainer is not willing to be a maintainer, well, then, that's
a problem.

> For instance, in the past, more than one of my upstream bugs filed on
> Debian packages have been "lost" when otherwise "good" maintainers
> decided that they didn't have time to deal with upstream's request for
> information on a given bug.  In my case, I wasn't subscribed to the bug
> (figuring the maintainer was on top of it) and I didn't even know that
> upstream had asked for more information (which I could have easily
> provided).  In effect, I received worse customer service by filing the
> Debian bug than if I had just gone to upstream's Bugzilla and filed it
> there.

If you want to file *both*, that's fine, but *still* file a Debian bug
for a Debian package.  And make sure *both* bug reports contain
pointers to the other report, so that everyone can easily find all the


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