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Re: patch to update-rc.d

On 08:53 Mon 20 Dec     , Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> wrote:

> On Mon, 20 Dec 2004, Rajesh Deo wrote:
> > I am currently developing a perl script that lists rc?.d
> > configuration and you can find it here:
> [...]
> > It also lists active services in /etc/inetd.conf and
> > /etc/xinetd.conf and /etc/xinetd.d. Apart from that it has a option that
> > will sort a given rc?.d to present the complete execution order within
> > that runlevel.
> Please change that to two separate programs. It is not the place of
> update-rc.d to get anywhere close to inetd.

Ok, sounds reasonable. Will split them in separate scripts

> Also, the output needs to be machine-parseable. Update-rc.d is for

Any hint on how it should look?

> maintaienr scripts, not the end-user (if it can be used by the end-user,
> that's just fine).
> Maybe you could write a good set of end-user tools to configure, list, and
> work with the sysv-rc system AND with inetd and xinetd?  Those would be
> quite welcome.

Sure will think of that, but I am shooting for simple tools
instead of having interfaces like rcconf.

> update-rc.d should be "phased out" of the current mixed usage of being a
> "user admin tool" (which it was not meant to be, and update-rc.d sucks at
> being such because of that) and a package-system tool.  It should be only a
> package-system tool.
> So, we need good user tools to work with the initscript system (maybe
> interfacing to update-rc.d, maybe doing things directly as long as it has
> some sanity checks to make sure it does not try to do the wrong thing on a
> system that is using file-rc, for example).

This sound like the invoke-rc.d approach, which I am aware of. So seems
like update-* tools are meant for maintainer scripts. Though these _are_
commonly used by skilled admins for their quickness instead of tools
like rcconf. Again I will have to understand the invoke-rc.d approach
better I guess.

> > Any suggestions, comments and future directions are welcome. I am not a
> > official debian developer but would love to become one in future, with
> > appropriate guidance.
> Have a look at
> http://people.debian.org/~hmh/debconf2/debconf2-initscripts-bkg.ps.gz
> That should give you some ideas, even if it is outdated now.

I am already looking at that, so if I come up with something interesting
will post to the list.

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