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Re: popcon submissions from Woody lack arch info (Was: Are mails sent to xxxx <at> buildd.debian.org sent to /dev/null ?)

[Ingo Juergensmann]
> I guess there are some extra m68k users out there that use woody.

It could be, but I doubt these report to popcon.

The fraction of m68k users have been stable while the submission
counts have been increasing.  Statisticaly, 0.02% of the 1169
submissions with unknown arch would be m68k machines.  0.02% of 1169
is 0.23 submissions, and that tells me it is quite unlikely that any
of the submissions with unknown arch are m68k machines. :)

I wish more users would instal popularity-contest, and thus help us
select the most used packages for the Debian CDs. :)

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