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Re: LCC and blobs

On Dec 18, Glenn Maynard <glenn@zewt.org> wrote:

> No, because (as has been said already) the existance of cases where you need
> non-free stuff isn't the issue; the issue is whether there exist cases where
> you don't.  If nobody can use the software without needing non-free data, the
> software is (at best) contrib.  If some people can use it without that data,
Just about every driver "needs" some software stored in flash EEPROM
chips in your computer.

> > Suppose some piece of hardware had a Compact Flash reader, and came
> > with a Compact Flash card containing firmware necessary for the
> > hardware to run.  Would this also be non-free?
> I believe software that only works with this reader would go in contrib,
> if that's what you mean, unless the data on that card was Free itself.
> It's a dependency on non-free software.  (It's not the same as having
> the firmware stored in flash memory on a device, since removable devices
> are expected to be removed, overwritten, or lost; where I'd call a device
> with a hosed flash "broken".  (The former I'd sell on eBay as "drive
Let's suppose that this compact flash card were soldered to a PCI
compact flash adapter. Would this still be software and an element of
the debian dependecy chain?

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