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Re: removing in postrm rc*.d symlinks that I did not create

On Fri, 17 Dec 2004 10:49:13 +0100, Thomas Hood wrote:
> The idea behind
> initscripts is that they do what they are told when they are run.
> sysv-rc and file-rc implement two different schemes for
> determining when they are run and with what arguments.  I don't
> see why people keep trying to undermine the standard mechanism.
> Under the circumstances you describe it is reasonable to refrain
> from installing symlinks[*] in runlevel directories.  I think you
> are justified in deleting the symlinks on purge too, so I suggest
> you simply override lintian and linda.

Amen. Well, almost.
Under current sysv-rc semantics invoke-rc.d defauls to running the script
if neither S nor K links are present. And there were reasonable arguments
given for this behaviour.

Thus, if Nicolas would want to use invoke-rc.d to maybe run the init script
of his package on upgrades, it would be necessary to install K links by
But maybe just not running the script on upgrade even if the S link is present
is the correct solution for athcool. I don't know.

Michał Politowski
Talking has been known to lead to communication if practised carelessly.

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