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Re: removing in postrm rc*.d symlinks that I did not create

It has been suggested that you install symlinks[*] but provide an
/etc/default/foo file with an environment variable that forcibly
disables the service when set to "off" or whatever, and that the
initscript be written so that it overrides this forced disabling
when run from the command line.  Of course this can be made to
work but it is a bad hack.  Bad because it doesn't use Debian's
standard mechanism for configuring services.  The idea behind
initscripts is that they do what they are told when they are run.
sysv-rc and file-rc implement two different schemes for
determining when they are run and with what arguments.  I don't
see why people keep trying to undermine the standard mechanism.

Under the circumstances you describe it is reasonable to refrain
from installing symlinks[*] in runlevel directories.  I think you
are justified in deleting the symlinks on purge too, so I suggest
you simply override lintian and linda.

[*] (or do the file-rc equivalent, which happens automatically
    if file-rc is installed because you use update-rc.d)

Thomas Hood

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