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removing in postrm rc*.d symlinks that I did not create

Hi folks,

A package of mine installs an init script. But as the corresponding 
programs plays with the motherboard's chipset configuration, it is quite 
prone to break the system. So I chose not to install rc*.d symlinks by 

To make life easier for users, i explain in a README file how to set up 
those links and how to remove them with apdate-rc.d. Hence, when a user 
is convinced this program does not break his system, he can easily set 
up the links for automatic startup.

But a user felt concerned that, in the future, he may remove the package 
and forget to delete the links. Then I thought I could remove the links 
in postrm on purge, considering they are part of the package's 
configuration (their absence being the default configuration).

I built the package, but lintian complains:
E: athcool: postrm-contains-additional-updaterc.d-calls /etc/init.d/athcool
N:   The postrm de-registers an /etc/init.d script which has not been
N:   registered in the postinst script before.

I lintian right here? Should I ignore this error? Any other suggestion 
to answer my user's concerns?

Thanks in advance for any feedback,


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