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Re: LCC and blobs

Hello Brian, 

Am 2004-12-10 17:39:05, schrieb Brian Nelson:

> As for whether Debian would actually distribute the firmware blobs in
> main, I would prefer that we do.  It can be a real pain installing
> Debian on a system in which I have to retrieve the firmware from an
> external source.  It's only hurting the end-user by making them jump
> through more hoops to install Debian, with no obvious benefit.  However,
> there seems to be a strong movement to make Debian 100% free down to the
> last bit.  Reversing this movement is another much more controversial
> issue.

Sorry, but I have used WfW 3.11, Win95, WinNT 3.51/4.0 and now
Win2003 Server (at work) and I have on the Win2003 Server 14
CD/Floppys to use to get the right Driver installed.

So if I must use 14 CDs/Floppys to get Win2003 Server running
why it is a problem for GNU/Linux ?

I have made a litle program which use "cabextract" to get the BLOB.

Where is THE problem ?

I think, Debian should support Drivers in main which requires BLOBs
because moving the Driver to contrib will make some installations
impossibel. Having it in main give the $USER the possibility to load
the required blob from CD or Floppy.

I think, this is highly acceptabel.


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