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Re: LCC and blobs

Le samedi 11 décembre 2004 à 23:34 +0000, Tim Cutts a écrit :
> > "Most systems" ? Come on.
> I don't think it's the case today, but I think that it will be soon.  
> It's the way the world is going.

People have been saying so for years, and we still run on most systems
without a non-free firmware. On a brand new laptop you can buy today,
only the WiFi adapter will need one.

> But they are technical solutions that cause a great deal of effort for 
> the user, and like meeting people, meeting a new distribution is very 
> much a matter of first impressions counting.  If the new user, 
> especially a relatively non-computer-savvy one, finds that their shiny 
> new Debian install doesn't work on their network card, they'll just try 
> again with a different distro, or go back to Windows.

Inserting an extra disk with the non-free firmware is surely no more
difficult than it is with Windows, where you need to do that for *every
single piece* of hardware.

> I don't know what the answer is here, but I think this problem is 
> likely to get more acute, and could seriously degrade Debian's ease of 
> use --  which is already not something it has a fantastic reputation 
> for -- and thereby its popularity.

If we gain popularity but lose freedom, we'll die in the end. If someone
really wants to run Debian (or Linux in general), he can buy some
supported hardware. You don't buy a Sparc station if you want to run
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