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Re: LCC and blobs

Le samedi 11 décembre 2004 à 11:44 -0800, Brian Nelson a écrit :
> > For a single package that won't work without the binary blob, that's a
> > good policy. 
> It's a completely inconsistent and arbitrary policy.
> Virtually *all* device drivers in existance require a binary blob to
> work.  It's up to the manufacturer to provide the binary blob to the
> user when they purchase the device.  Some devices have the blob on the
> hardware itself; for others, the manufactures ship it on CD or make it
> downloadable from a website.  Some manufactures allow us to distribute
> it; others don't.  We should not care what they do.  That's up to the
> manufacturer's and the users of their hardware to work out.

We shouldn't care about how the hardware actually works. The question is
only about what we distribute. If we distribute a package that cannot do
anything without a non-free part which cannot be in Debian, it should go
in contrib. If we distribute a package that mostly works, but provides
added functionality when some non-free stuff is installed (e.g. read
realplayer or WMV9 files), it can go into main.
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