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Re: Linux Core Consortium

Adrian von Bidder dijo [Fri, Dec 10, 2004 at 04:38:10PM +0100]:
> > we don't exactly have a strong history of being able to pull off
> > timely releases
> Did Debian even try?
> I didn't follow the woody release too closely, being a Debian newbie at the 
> time, so I don't know.  But - this was my impression - from the start, 
> sarge was prepared with the 'we release when we're ready' idea, which makes 
> everybody feel that they have more than enough time.

Yes, it did. Debian has long tried to shorten the release cycles,
without any success. That's the reason why Testing was introduced
(after Slink, IIRC). I got involved in Debian close to the Woody
release. We were quite optimist that Sarge would release in ~1 year -
We failed. The failure has some justifications, and they all fall down
to the fact that Sarge has not been ready, and we will not release
before it is ready... Which is getting closer every day :)

There are many proposals to make Etch and future releases come out
sooner, please check them at


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