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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

Quoting Joerg Wendland (joerg@wendlandnet.de):

> Go, install bible-kjv. Read it until you find the first offensive
> passage that hurts the feelings of several women. Won't take you long...

If this is meant at proving me that the bible is sexist, you do not
need to convince anyone...at least not myself. This is probably not
the reason for which I indeed didn't install bible-kjv....the main
reason is that I usually read book made of paper and, anyway, I
already read that book.

Should I prevent myself of telling that a thing is sexist because
something else is also sexist? The vast majority of the world is still
sexist, should this be an excuse?

Again, such a package will not make Debian a sexist organisation. It
is mostly a friendly community (even this thread...:-)) and has for
sure far less defaults than many other communities...:). But it won't
help making it a *less* sexist community.

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