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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

Maciej Dems, on 2004-12-02, 00:39, you wrote:
> It solves only one-small-package-problem, not the more general issue.

So what are the common moral values of 1100 plus Debian Developers from
all over the world?

> My suggestion (though I am not a DD) is to create the archive simmilar to 
> non-us, called eg. "controversial" (ok, its bad name - let somebody find 
> the other) and put there the stuff which fits (precisely defined) 
> criteria. My first proposition for them is: erotic (eg. hot-babe), 
> religious (bible) and pollitical (anarchist faq) content.

To pick up Manoj's arguments, vi and emacs would go into
"controversial", too.

> The criteria should be accepted by GR or some appropriate commitee. This 
> way DD could decide in the most eficient way whether they want to have 
> debian legal in arabic countries or not (it is probably not possible to 
> make debian legal in every country in the world, nor it is a good thing, 
> so the "common sense" in this matter should be decided in the democratic 
> way)

Can there be common sense regarding such issues? Although I'm not
studying philosophy, I think not.


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