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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

Patrzę w ekran, a to Michelle Konzack pisze do mnie:
> > someone maintains it. To the pictures - maybe we could avoid the
> > problem by making the thing theme-able, distribute a unproblematic
> > version (e.g. only down to the bikini) along some other nice pictures
> > (sunrise, tree loosing trees). The program could then offer a link to
> > a website where the user can easily download .tar.gz'ed themes which
> > can be installed using drag 'n drop - and everyone would be happy.
> Agreed.  -  This is a first class suggestion.

It solves only one-small-package-problem, not the more general issue.

Threre should be some document (part of the Policy most probably) which 
covers such situations if they emerge in the future. Otherwise some time 
in the future we will have another two-hundred-posts-a-day tread 
concerning simmilar topics.

My suggestion (though I am not a DD) is to create the archive simmilar to 
non-us, called eg. "controversial" (ok, its bad name - let somebody find 
the other) and put there the stuff which fits (precisely defined) 
criteria. My first proposition for them is: erotic (eg. hot-babe), 
religious (bible) and pollitical (anarchist faq) content.

The criteria should be accepted by GR or some appropriate commitee. This 
way DD could decide in the most eficient way whether they want to have 
debian legal in arabic countries or not (it is probably not possible to 
make debian legal in every country in the world, nor it is a good thing, 
so the "common sense" in this matter should be decided in the democratic 


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