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Re: Bug#283578: ITP: hot-babe -- erotic graphical system activity monitor

On Thu, 2 Dec 2004 00:39:12 +0100, Maciej Dems <maciej.dems@phys.p.lodz.pl> said: 

> Patrzę w ekran, a to Michelle Konzack pisze do mnie:
>> > someone maintains it. To the pictures - maybe we could avoid the
>> > problem by making the thing theme-able, distribute a
>> > unproblematic version (e.g. only down to the bikini) along some
>> > other nice pictures (sunrise, tree loosing trees). The program
>> > could then offer a link to a website where the user can easily
>> > download .tar.gz'ed themes which can be installed using drag 'n
>> > drop - and everyone would be happy.
>> Agreed.  - This is a first class suggestion.

> It solves only one-small-package-problem, not the more general
> issue.

> Threre should be some document (part of the Policy most probably)
> which covers such situations if they emerge in the future. Otherwise
> some time in the future we will have another two-hundred-posts-a-day
> tread concerning simmilar topics.

	The criteria is simple.

 a) If the package is legally free to distribute in the two locations
    we have (master and non-us) and
 b) it is DFSG free
 c) a DD puts in the time and effort to package is, and maintain it

	It gets into debian. Simple, non controversial. Relies of the
 judgement of developers, yes. But so does the rest of Debian.

If you stick your head in the sand, one thing is for sure, you're
gonna get your rear kicked.
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