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dselect survey: results

On Sun, Nov 21, 2004 at 12:44:38PM +0100, Jens Peter Secher wrote:

> Out of curiosity I would like to conduct a survey.  What about
> <survey>
> I used dselect [ ] weeks ago.  
> (-1 means it was so long ago that I don't remember or never did).
> </survey>

OK, a week has passed and it seems the answers have stopped coming in.
The results are

      weeks    votes
        0       34      [a,b,d]
        1       1
        2       2
        156     1
        -1      20      [c,e]

where some of the numbers I interpreted from the quotes below, referred
to in brackets.  

In summary, it seems that many people prefer dselect "when the going
gets tough", when manual intervention is needed.  

On the other hand, it seems that a lot of other people would like to be
able to remove dselect (which should be possible post sarge).  To people
who cannot wait, Henning Makholm suggested to install an empty dselect

                                                    Jens Peter Secher
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[a] "Actually, last time i *really* used dselect, was when i installed a
potato. Now i only use it occasionnally, doing a "dselect update" for
the available list to be up-to-date so that i can use grep-available
with up-to-date data."

[b] "I use it most days to scan through for packages
/ check what conflicts are outstanding.  From a command line, it's
the quickest way to check through 15000 packages by paging down :)
I'll often use dselect to find something / check on dependencies,
apt-get to actually fetch it and dpkg raw commands to sort out any
conflicts :)"

[c] "Die dselect! Die!". Is that answer enough?

[d] "It is my preferred package interface if I do not know the exact name
for what I want OR I am going to install a bunch of stuff at once.
That said, if people don't want it, they should be able to remove
it. I believe it should come with Debian by default though."

[e] "I've hardly used dselect since late 2000/early 2001."

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