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Re: Bug#282409: ITP: mozilla-firefox-locale-pt-br -- Firefox Localization Package to Brazilian Portuguese.

Cesar Martinez Izquierdo <listas@ono.com> writes:

> * It only shows the locale code in the description, not the name of the 
> language (eg. it shows zh-TW and not Chinese). I thing it's not the best way, 
> but I don't see any automatic way of doing it. I can, however, add the names 
> by hand before uploading to the archive.

Perhaps you can make use of iso-codes in conjunction with
libxml-xpath-perl or the like:

$ xpath -q -e '//*[@iso_639_1_code="zh"]/@name' /usr/share/xml/iso-codes/iso_639.xml
$ xpath -q -e '//*[@alpha_2_code="TW"]/@name' /usr/share/xml/iso-codes/iso_3166.xml         
 name="Taiwan, Province of China"

OTOH, if you leave it symbolic, you won't have to worry about finding
a name for Taiwan that doesn't offend anyone. ;-P

Aaron M. Ucko, KB1CJC (amu at alum.mit.edu, ucko at debian.org)
Finger amu@monk.mit.edu (NOT a valid e-mail address) for more info.

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