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Re: Debian menu and GNOME (request for help)

Le vendredi 12 novembre 2004 à 00:22 +0100, Bill Allombert a écrit :
> Hello Debian folk,


> 1) Current gnome-panel do *not* support XDG menus (only KDE does).
> (Debian menu has XDG menu support through menu-xdg.)

a freedesktop implementation has just been commited to the GNOME CVS few
days ago and will be used in GNOME 2.10:

> 2) Instead it support vfolder-info (which is similar to XDG menu in
> design but completly different in format) and a 'distro' menu which
> is crippled.

The menu vfolder support should be removed from gnomevfs pretty soon now
(cf the mail on desktop-devel-list).

BTW the 'distro' menu has been removed in gnome-panel 2.9.1 too:

> 3) Eventually, GNOME will switch to xdg-menu but probably not the
> version in sarge.

Right, the switch will be for 2.10.

> 4) It is rumoured that some distros apply a patch top GNOME panel
> to make it support xdg-menu, but Debian don't.

Right too.

> So I look for help from someone with good knowledge of GNOME internal
> and patience with the Debian menu system to solve issue 2) and maybe
> issue 1).

The Debian menu is only a submenu in GNOME and I'm not sure this is
worth spending time and efforts for something that's redesigned upstream
right now. Perhaps we should let it in this state for Sarge and work on
a menu improvement for sarge+1 with GNOME 2.10 ?


Sebastien Bacher

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