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Re: Synching mirrors and clients (was: Re: apt-proxy v2 and rsync)

> > > IIRC the problem is that rsync is quite CPU-heavy on the servers, so while
> > > the mirrors have the (network) resources to feed downloads to 100s of
> > > users, they don't have the (CPU) resources for a few dozen rsyncs.
> > 
> > Why do you keep on saying this without providing _any_ figures!
> Who is "you" here? Please pay attention to attribution on mailing list
> postings - especially if you're starting a new thread with your mail.  I
> posted this statement about cpu load of rsync, and did that exactly once,
> so I don't "keep saying it".  Also, I put in an IIRC, so you have clear
> indication that I'm not too sure - somebody asked about the reason, I
> answered with that I heard was the reason when the last person asked.
I don't meant you personally but this statement about the CPU load,
mostly accompanied with some vage numbers is repeated all the time and
whenever I ask for exact figures only excuses or even not an aswer is

Your statement about "feed downloads to 100s ...(CPU) resources for a
few dozen rsyncs" implied you have actually seen such CPU loads. Now you
say you just repeated from hear say. How much value did your message
have to the OP? Does it have any value?

Well the main problem is not your message but that nobody is able or
willing to set up a reasonable test case and provide accurate figures.
Maybe this is a non issue because Debian has more than enough systems
and don't has to care about.

O. Wyss

See a huge pile of work at "http://wyodesktop.sourceforge.net/";

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