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[sds@epoch.ncsc.mil: Re: Updated SELinux Release]

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On Thu, 2004-11-04 at 02:02, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	Moving waaay forward. I asked the Debian kernel team to
>  consider  compiling in SELinux (perhaps disabled by default, for
>  starters), and was told that that is not going to fly because of
>  "significant performance hit" one takes by compiling SELinux in.  I
>  did not have any data to refute the claim, so  that is where we sit.

Given that SELinux supports disabling both at boot time (via selinux=0)
and at runtime (via /selinux/disable, only useable prior to the initial
policy load, used by the patched /sbin/init when /etc/selinux/config
specifies disabled), the only performance impact they can truly claim is
fundamental to enabling SELinux at compile-time is the overhead of LSM
itself.  So ask for measurements showing that LSM in 2.6 imposes a
significant overhead by itself, and don't accept measurements based on
old versions of LSM prior to 2.6.

> 	While a laudable long term goal, the reality is that most
>  distributions do not ship these utilities today, and in the case of
>  Debian, progress, while it is happening, is slow enough that
>  pragmatism requires we consider the reality that SELinux shall _not_
>  be the default in the near term.

Fedora (and RHEL4) and Hardened Gentoo have extensive SELinux
integration, and SuSE 9.x had the SELinux code included in the kernel
and a subset of the userland, just disabled by default.

Stephen Smalley <sds@epoch.ncsc.mil>
National Security Agency

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