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Re: Alioth Project Denied

On Thu, Nov 04, 2004 at 11:31:09AM -0700, noreply@alioth.debian.org wrote:
 > Your project registration for Alioth has been denied.
 > Project Full Name:  Window Maker Debian Package
 > Project Unix Name:  wmaker
 > Reasons for negative decision:
 > If you decide to use an alioth project to comaintain a package, you
 > need to include a "pkg-" prefix in your project name. This is
 > required to be able to differentiate projects dedicated to Debian
 > packaging from projects where alioth is the main repository of
 > "upstream" code.
 > Please resubmit your project with a good name.

 a) I couldn't find a policy in the website
 b) It's very rude to reply anonymously, someone care to put a name
    behind this email?
 c) Can't you just do it yourself?

 But whatever, I'll jump thru the hoops if that's what it takes.

 This project is making a custom out of threating developers like crap.


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