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Re: Alioth Project Denied

Marcelo E. Magallon, 2004-11-05 01:50:05 +0100 :

> On Thu, Nov 04, 2004 at 11:31:09AM -0700, noreply@alioth.debian.org wrote:
>  > Your project registration for Alioth has been denied.


>  > If you decide to use an alioth project to comaintain a package,
>  > you need to include a "pkg-" prefix in your project name.


>  a) I couldn't find a policy in the website

Used to be there.  Should be restored sometime.

>  b) It's very rude to reply anonymously, someone care to put a name
>     behind this email?

  This message was sent automatically by the web interface when I
(Roland Mas) denied your project.  Gforge currently does not
impersonate people, so it sends messages from a clearly invalid

>  c) Can't you just do it yourself?

1. The point of Alioth (of Gforge, really) is to provide a simple and
quick way for people to register projects.  It took me about two years
to educate my co-workers about their own ability to register their own
accounts and projects instead of coming to see me with "Can you make
an account for me?" requests.  I'm surprised my esteemed fellow Debian
developers are not more clueful.

2. Yes, I could have done so.  It would however have taken time for me
to do so.  When I have that sort of time, I usually prefer working on
the next Gforge and/or the next Alioth.  Like, you know, the one where
we get rid of the infamous LDAP setup.

3. Judging by the masses of people who were confused, nay, irritated
by the fact that their loginnames were not "foo" but "foo-guest",
despite the "-guest" being prominently displayed in the "Create an
account page", if I started messing around with people's project
names, I'd probably get yelled at quite a lot.  I try to do my best to
live without being yelled at.

>  But whatever, I'll jump thru the hoops if that's what it takes.

  That would be so kind.

>  This project is making a custom out of threating developers like crap.

  Thank you.  I'll try to remember that next time I need to spend like
ten hours in a row working on fixing Alioth.  It'll give me such a
motivation.  Maybe I should even make a poster out of that.

Roland Mas

M-x execute-extended-command

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