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Re: NMU on sysklogd

On Fri, Oct 29, 2004 at 11:56:46AM +0200, Jerome Warnier wrote:
> In fact, I dug into the problem, and found that the initscript
> (/etc/cron.daily/sysklogd) had a 'reload-or-restart' argument, which is
> used by the cronjob and does not always work (in my case, on several
> machines, never) nor do the restart one (I'm not sure anymore I tried
> it, though). So, I replaced the last line:


I think it would be best if you sent this information to the BTS, as a 
patch for the current package. That way others (including the maintainer, 
which needs not be following this thread) can test it too. 

Please provide as much information in order to reproduce this issue as 
possible too.

Those are the very first steps you should take before even considering a 
NMU. Also, in this particulary case, read the README.NMU file in the 

I've been reviewing these packages' bugs. Even if some patches could be
introduced to fix some of the issues I'm not sure all of them are
appropiate. Even so, this package is of base priority, so it's frozen in
sarge, only RC bugs should be fixed there. Maybe a cleanup of the package
could be considered (following the NMU procedures above) and I'm open to
doing it myself (as I've been doing it for other base packages).

I haven't yet contacted Joey, however, since I'm still considering this
option and how to do it best. One option, for example, is to do a NMU to
experimental so other people can test the package (and verify that the bugs
are actuall fixed) before uploading to sid. I have done this for other base
packages (like ifupdown). I suggest you think about it (and the
consequences of a broken^Wuntested upload at this point) before talking
with him.



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