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Re: RFS: kmenc15 - An advanced Qt/KDE MEncoder frontend.

On Wednesday 27 October 2004 11:05, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> That's not true. There are many packages in contrib which do not have
> all their dependencies in non-free. E.g., the bunch of java packages
> which do not work with anything but a non-free java compiler -- a java
> compiler which Debian itself cannot distribute (and therefor is not in
> non-free).
> A package in main must not depend on any software outside of main, and
> must be DFSG-free; A package in contrib must be DFSG-free; A package in
> non-free must be legally distributable by Debian.
> There are no further restrictions than the above.
Yup, thats exactly what I thought. In which case, my program does have a 
chance to be in contrib. which brings me to my original question, what should 
I do to find a sponsor?... I believe I've maxed out my available resources...

- ids15

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