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Re: Smooth Debian Installer Experience

On Saturday 09 October 2004 21.33, Adam Majer wrote:
> Colin Watson wrote:

> >Scroll up to the top of the country list and you'll see "enter
> >information manually".
> Not to nitpick here, but shouldn't options like "None of the above" be
> at the end of a list? Generally, the idea of picking something from a

IMHO, if the list is bigger than a screenfull, list items like 'not on this 
list/manually' should be displayed in a way to be visible when the screen 
first comes up: when I see part of a list of countries, I don't necessarily 
expect an item 'enter manually' at the top/bottom - I just go 'Oh, pick a 
country', scroll to Switzerland and hit enter.

-- vbi


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