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Re: spam checking and CPU time

>>>>> "Jesus" == Jesus Climent <jesus.climent@hispalinux.es> writes:

    Jesus> In such case 2.64 will become obsolete even faster than
    Jesus> 2.20 did in woody, since it is obsoleted by 3.x. Having
    Jesus> 2.64 which is only worth having for the bayessian methods
    Jesus> is brainless since we have other bayesian tools for the
    Jesus> trick, some of them considered even more efficient:
    Jesus> bogofilter, dspam, crm114,...

dspam doesn't appear to be in Debian sarge. Not sure about sid, my
Internet connection is down at the moment.

I have had problems with crm114 being resource intensive. In fact, I
have had to disable it, postfix was timing out on
deliveries... e.g. checking
/usr/share/doc/spamassassin/examples/sample-nonspam.txt.gz took approx
3 minutes. The result? SPAM.

 ** REJECT: CRM114 FAIL Markovian Matcher **
CLASSIFY fails; success probability: 0.0000  pR: -180.5436
Best match to file #1 (spam.css) prob: 1.0000  pR: 180.5436
Total features in input file: 12692
#0 (nonspam.css): features: 2781342, hits: 60217219, prob: 2.86e-181, pR: -180.54
#1 (spam.css): features: 2480548, hits: 217538063, prob: 1.00e+00, pR: 180.54

I also used bogofilter, but crm114 was suppose to be better. I might
go back to bogofilter sometime...

My computer CPU is AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1800+
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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