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Re: possible mass bug filing: spamassassin 3

also sprach Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> [2004.10.06.2023 +0200]:
> How much network latency do you have?  If -m10 is helping you, you
> must be waiting on TCP/IP requests like crazy.

I am not sure. A normal run via spamd takes about 3 seconds per
message. At peak times, the server sees about 40 messages in that

> Fishy, fishy... find out why it is taking so much time to process
> your messages that -m10 would help.  Disable non-local checks for
> a while, check your DNS cache (you have one on each of your MTA
> and SA boxes, don't you?)...

Yes, I run dnscache on all boxes. MTA and SA are on the same box.
I only have one box with SA 3.0 so far.

Considering that RBL checks are almost not cacheable by nature,
I can fully understand. One pass through spamd causes maybe 20 DNS
requests... I think 3 seconds to have them all answered is not bad.

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