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Re: Updating scanners and filters in Debian stable (3.1)

also sprach Matthew Garrett <mgarrett@chiark.greenend.org.uk> [2004.10.05.0015 +0200]:
> > We can push neither of them into Debian via security.d.o. No,
> > sorry, this is not the way stable works.
> /Should/ it be the way stable works? We have the ability to change
> that.

No. It's "stable". It's one of the major features of Debian that we
do not pull in dependencies but rather backport the fixes. People
have come to rely on it.

I consider volatile software a whole new class which cannot fit in
with the regular "never touch a running system" paradigm because it
needs to be cutting edge.

Thus, I would consider it perfectly sensible for Debian to have
a new archive, e.g. volatile.debian.org, which plays nice with the
current stable, but which has turnaround times of a couple of days
at max.

> Providing that we only do it for the set of software that would
> otherwise be entirely useless by the time we make a new release,
> I don't see that it compromises any existing principles.

The same reason why we do not merge s.d.o into stable but distribute
it separately. Give people the choice!

> Debian stable is about providing a stable platform that people can
> build upon. It's about providing something that can be trusted to
> work, rather than one where upgrades break things. It's not about
> slavish adherance to the idea that we should never change any of
> it.

I completely agree. Thank you for stating it. I think this should be
something to have in the back of our heads in other parts of Debian

> If you can find one real person who believes that it would be
> better to either have no virus checker or one that will be
> entirely useless after 4 weeks than it would be to have updates
> that might actually provide new functionality, I'll be impressed.

I just asked my 16 months old god child and she replied "ja ja ja"
and smiled. Now if you consider her not a real person, I'll come
after you!

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