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Re: Updating scanners and filters in Debian stable (3.1)

* Francesco Paolo Lovergine (frankie@debian.org) [041003 12:45]:
> Not always. In the past many backports have been built including perfectly
> avoidable new dependencies. The volatile archive should have policy and
> deb tools frozen. So no new debconf, no new ucf and so on.

Agreed for run-time dependencies, but not for build dependencies. I
think that e.g. adding dpatch is not really hurting anything, and makes
it easier to manage patches.

> In many
> cases packaging scripts should remain the same of stable ones.
> The purpose is clear: volatile should contain only unavoidable major
> updates for a few known monster-programs (e.g. mozilla family) 
> or program classes (anti-virus, anti-spam, security tools), 
> not random backports.

Fully agreed.

> I personally agree on a stable-like policy for volatile uploads and
> one or more volatile-RMs, too. I think that no more than 50 programs
> would enter volatile in that way, finally. A reasonable efforts I think.

Also agreed.

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