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Seeking "one-time" Hungarian translators for Debian Installer

This is a quite unusual call, but a quite urgent one.

Debian installer is currently in its final stages of development and
currently in what we call a "string freeze". This means that no change
to translatable parts happen, allowing translator to finish their

The string freeze lasts until Oct. 6th 16:00UTC.

Unfortunately, I'm currently unable to get news from Istvan Verok, our
usual and very efficiant Hungarian translator.

A few strings (42 over 1257) remains to be completed, 24 of which
being "fuzzy", which means they are partly translated.

Completing this is, imho, a 1-2 hours job, including the required time
for installing kbabel and learn the basics for using it...

Hungarian has always been complete in past D-I releases and most often
quickly, so I suspect an unscheduled event for Istvan (indeed I cross
fingers and hope he hadn't any bad family/health/whatever event)..

I cc'ed people I found in my debian-devel backlog, with a .hu address.

It would be nice if some of you can complete the work before the
deadline. Please keep the above addresses when responding, including
mine, so that everyone knows that someone volunteered. I'll give the
needed indications.

Of course, if Istvan mentiond he will complete his work, he has the
priority : he did all the job and I use this as a very last attempt to
get hu complete....

PS : this is really a "one-time" need. Of course, no-one will prevent
you from collaborating to hu translations in the future, but no-one
will force you to do so, also..:-)


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