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Re: Frank Carmickle and Marco Paganini must die

Hi guys. This thread's really gettin' interesting, considering there's still a
lot of dialup ppl out there behind no-choice, even hostile ISPs and other

Adam McKenna <adam@flounder.net> writes:

> On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 08:30:06PM +0200, Josselin Mouette wrote:
>> Le jeudi 23 septembre 2004 à 04:21 +1000, Russell Coker a écrit :
>> > At various times people have offered such services for free.  If you are a 
>> > Debian developer and you are not really unpopular then you can get such 
>> > things for free.
>> Yes. If you are a Debian developer.

Heh, you don't even have to *be* a DD to get such a
service. http://google.com/search?q=shell+accounts comes to mind...

>> What if you are just a regular user who wants to send a bug report? Why
>> would you have to jump through dozens of hoops just to contact a Debian
>> developer?

You submit bugs to submit@bugs.debian.org, not to the developer/maintainer
directly. That role account does the job of sorting out which package has the
bug, who are the maintainers of the package, and relaying that report to those
devels. In short, it is an interface. Same goes for other projects.

As an example, I just posted a bugreport on gkrellm displaying the wrong
number of processes. Used reportbug/Gnus, sent about 12 hours ago. I still
haven't received an ack though, and it doesn't even show up on
bugs.debian.org/gkrellm . rfc822 over local smtp on a dialup... So, is
submit@bugs.debian.org filtering out my IP??? AFAIK, no, since I've just
replied a bugreport in gtklp a week or two ago...

> If you regularly send mail direct-to-MX from a dynamic IP, you better have a
> backup account somewhere.  I have my own domain and co-located server and yet 
> I still have a couple of backup accounts on webmail services.

This is what I do. I'm on spunge.org, which provides my mail (which also gets
scrubbed of spam via spamassassin). I get less than 1% spam, even less since
my fetchmail has a procmail/spamassassin filter set up. I have yet to do an
ssh tunnel to my OSP[1]'s SMTP tunnel, 'coz I'm not the only user of this
system, and the others have their own email addys, which the SMTP server
refuses to relay (only *@spunge.org). So even if my Debian box's offline I
still get _all_ my mail (most of the time, the number goes over 1000), via
fetchmail, or a cat /var/spool/mail/zakame | bzip2 -9v > mailspool.bz2 then a
scp -2C zakame@spunge.org:/home/zakame/mailspool.bz2 . on my home box.

> Using a backup or secondary account to contact someone rather than allowing 
> them to send direct-to-MX from a dynamic IP hardly qualifies as having to 
> "jump through dozens of hoops".

Not dozens, just a few ;) Still, one has to know how to jump through a hoop,
and I think everyone does. For the record, I'm sending this through my own
exim4 daemon on my homebox, and so far my mail gets to its destination without
so much as a dropout.


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