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Re: Small problems with Sarge net-install

Eduard Bloch wrote:
#include <hallo.h>

My recommendations are:

1. libc6-dev should be part of the standard installation. It includes 
all of the standard header files (stdio.h, for example).
emacs seems to be a failry common user application. During the installation, you will see HUGE numbers of errors flash past that appear to be tied to the absence of header files during the attempted compilation. Any source tarball for an application requires these. Furthermore, I really don't see how you can install gcc without installing the headers, but this is what happened. I would say this is an inconsistency.

This depends on _your_ needs! For example, I don't think that the
compiler is seen as part of a user-oriented operating system. If you
want to do "complicated stuff, coding", eg. compile programs, you want
to install build-essential anyways. Same thing if you install the kernel.

2. ssh should also be part of any installation.
ssh has the standard priority and should be suggested somewhere during
the base config. At least you would need to select some special things
to avoid installing it.
And that's not the case now.  As tasksel is configured, if you chose none of the "standard" selections, ssh is not installed, and you are not asked about it specifically.
If you wanted to say that ssh should be part of the basedebs or even an
"essential" package, then no. Simply no. There are enough boxes where
ssh is not needed or should not be installed for various reasons.

My original problem was with md5. Can anyone tell me how to turn on md5 AFTER installation?


Art Edwards

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