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Re: Small problems with Sarge net-install

#include <hallo.h>

> My recommendations are:
> 1. libc6-dev should be part of the standard installation. It includes 
> all of the standard header files (stdio.h, for example).

This depends on _your_ needs! For example, I don't think that the
compiler is seen as part of a user-oriented operating system. If you
want to do "complicated stuff, coding", eg. compile programs, you want
to install build-essential anyways. Same thing if you install the kernel.

> 2. ssh should also be part of any installation.

ssh has the standard priority and should be suggested somewhere during
the base config. At least you would need to select some special things
to avoid installing it.

If you wanted to say that ssh should be part of the basedebs or even an
"essential" package, then no. Simply no. There are enough boxes where
ssh is not needed or should not be installed for various reasons.

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