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Re: How should stalin be handled on slower architectures?

On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 11:44:30PM -0500, Rob Browning wrote:

> Summary: An RC bug has been filed claiming that stalin's source is
>   "too big" and that it shouldn't be built for m68k (and I'd presume
>   arm), though it has been built on both in the past.  So I'd like to
>   figure out what action, if any, would be appropriate.

It won't consider "too big" as an RC bug on m68k. It builds just fine until
it hits an error: 


So, it's more likely a FTBFS rc bug... 

But beside that it compiled just fine with 128 MB of RAM without swapping
too much. 

Ciao...              // 
      Ingo         \X/

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