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Re: How should stalin be handled on slower architectures?


Cameron Patrick dijo [Thu, Sep 23, 2004 at 04:52:21PM +0800]:
> Are we at the point yet where emulating a MIPS or m68k on a cheap,
> fast machine will go faster than the original hardware?  Maybe the
> next m68k or mips buildds might actually an i386...

Yes. For m68k, at least, and for many years. I recently got a Mac
Quadra 950, which is among the best m68k machines you can find - There
is a free emulator (in contrib, as it requires Apple ROMs) called
basilisk2, and it feels quite similar to the real machine. I used UAE
many years ago, and it also felt up to speed with the Amiga machines I
had worked with. 

Yes, some people have pointed out an important problem with this: What
happens if we get a strange error for a specific package? How can we
be sure it is the package's fault and not the emulator's? Or the other
way around, what happens if something works correctly on an emulated
machine but not on the real one? That can lead to serious and annoying
debug time for a developer.


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