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Re: Frank Carmickle and Marco Paganini must die

On Sep 20, John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> wrote:

> Not all dialup users are spammers.  Most ISPs log which person has a 
> given IP at a particular time and it is trivial for them to track down 
> the culprit.  It's not different at all.
People with experience in administration of large mail servers can tell
you that:
a) with good confidence, all mail sourced from dynamic pools is spam
b) trojaned windows PCs cannot be shut down quickly enough by ISPs (it's
   technically difficult to do this, and would be a support nightmare),
   and most times they are never shut down

To put it simply, a 29.95$/m consumer account does not cost enough to
allow ISPs to properly fund the abuse desk and network security staff
that would be needed to keep the network clean all the time.
What you get are huge spam sources like the comcast network, which now
is deploying port 25 ACLs because it's much cheaper than effectively
policying users.

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Marco | [8084 diX8drkpnno3g]

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